2nd International Olive Oil Competition "Domina International Olive Oil Contest (Domina-IOOC 2017)".

Esteemed company,

Dear producer,


Domina Hotels, through their partnership with Antonio  G. Lauro and Vinar, with the support of the Regione SicilianaIstituto Regionale Vini e Oli di Sicilia, Unasco and ASSOFRANTOI and with awaited the patronage of the Italian Government - Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry, organized the 2nd Annual International Olive Oil Competition called "Domina International Olive Oil Contest (Domina-IOOC 2017)", open to all firms of the olive oil chain around the world.


"Domina-IOOC has been included among the top five international competitions dedicated to extra virgin olive oil and the first in Italy. He decreed the WREVOO (World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oil), created to promote the best EVOO in the worldwide. In fact, succeed in the D-IOOC contest will get 9 points for the world ranking (only three other races have the same assignment in a total of thirty-one contests)".

The Competition Domina-IOOC 2017, was created with the aim of combining olive oil with a healthy diet and proper nutrition and to promote the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) production worldwide, awarding the best extra virgin olive oils and broadcasting the results to consumers, potential importers and the media.

In addition, the Competition Domina-IOOC 2017, seeks to advance all the nutritional benefits of EVOO and to encourage the international market, to increase awareness of the benefits of using Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Mediterranean diet and to increase the international consumption of high quality EVOO.

All extra virgin olive oil belonging to one of the following categories, divided between Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere of the world are eligible to enter the contest Domina-IOOC 2017:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil; EVOO monovariety;  EVOO Blend;  EVOO Organic; EVOO PDO/PGI.


How to Enter.

They are already open the entries to the D-IOOC. From 16 November you can send the application form, while the payment of the application fee and the sending of the samples will later (1 February).




Stages of the competition Domina-IOOC 2017.

16 November 2016: official opening of entries.

1 February 2017: official opening for receiving the samples.

15 April 2017 closing of entries.

4, 5, 6 and 7 May 2017: the judges’ tasting session.


Samples to be entered.

Participating companies must send to our offices in Santa Flavia (PA) ITALY:

3 (three) bottles of 500 ml/750 ml/1 litre

or 4 (four) bottles of 250 ml

or 6 (six) bottles of 100 ml,

of each type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil entered in the competition.


Entry costs.

Early Booking (before 1 Feburary 2017): the registration fee for each sample was set at € 190.00 (or USD 210.00) for each type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil sent (sample).

Regular Booking (after 1 Febrary 2017): the registration fee for each sample was set at € 220.00 (or USD 240.00) for each type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil sent (sample).


Samples shipping address.


C/O Domina Zagarella Sicily

Via Nazionale, 77

90017 Santa Flavia (Palermo) - ITALY

C.A. Competition Office of Domina-IOOC


Entry form

Link: D-IOOC Entry Form


Please note that the complete Rules and Application Form with all the arrangements for participating in the competition Domina-IOOC (Payment and delivery methods), are already available on the website:



Best regards.

Antonio G. Lauro - President Domina-IOOC - aglauro@tiscali.it

Stefania Reggio – General Director Domina-IOOC - stefania.reggio@dominahotels.com 

1st Domina IOOC 2016 Announces the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the World.

It was a success for the first edition of Domina IOOC (International Olive Oil Contest) with 329 extra virgin olives oils competing from all over the world. The organizers  VINAR SA Argentina and Antonio G. Lauro Italia for Domina Hotels did an excellent job in organizing the event that took place in Southern Italy, the second producer of the world of olive oil after Spain. Extremely useful also to divide the Northern and the Southern hemisphere olive oil producers for the awards since their harvest happens in different times of the year.

Here is the list of the winners:

Best Monovarietal South Hemisphere: Enrique Rubén Porro (Viedma-Argentina) Viejo Puente Molina Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Changlot Real

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend North Hemisphere: Muela Olives SL Priego (Còrdoba-Spagna) Venta del baron aceite de oliva virgen extra

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend  South Hemisphere: Millan Sa Olivicola Laur (Mendoza-Argentina) Laur Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra blend Gran Mendoza

Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil North Hemisphere: Antiche Masserie d'Apulia (Ostuni-Italia) Explorium

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Premio Internazionale Assoluto North Hemisphere North: Romano Vincenzo e C.SAS (Bronte-Italia) Le Sciare

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Premio Internazionale Assoluto South Hemisphere: Camilo Enterprises (Australia) Classic Ligurian

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal North Hemisphere: Paolo Bonomelli (Torri del Bénaco–Italia) Ca’ Rainene Monovarietale Drizzar Dop Garda

Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil South Hemisphere: Q'umir Products (Lima-Perù) Santo Olivo

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dop North Hemisphere: Almazaras de la Subbétìca (Carcabuez-Spagna) Parqueoliva Serie Oro

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Regional - Sicily: Soc. Coop. Agricola Agrestis (Buccheri-SR) Fiore d'Oro Dop Monti Iblei Monte Lauro

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