About Antonio

Dr Antonio Giuseppe Lauro,

graduated as agronomist, is an international olive oil consultant, educator, journalist and panel leader; assessor of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) since 1995 and an International panel leader since 2003 in compliance with IOC rules.

As agronomist and Marketing & EVOO expert for the ARSAC Calabria and Regione Calabria Agriculture and Agri-food Resources Department, he has participated in many national and international projects related to olive oil chain and quality control.

Since 2003 Dr. Lauro has been teaching courses for professional tasters of EVOO in accordance with IOC/EU laws and was professor in several master courses (national and international).

Lauro has written numerous publications (books, guides, catalogs, etc.) on the EVOO industry and Sensory Analysis.

Invited speaker in the most important international olive oil conferences, has conducted Masterclass, EVOO seminars and tasting sessions in many countries around the world, including Italy and other EU members (France, Greece, Spain), Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Croatia, Israel, Japan, Norway, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, etc.. He is instructor in the International Olive Oil School for "Olive Oil Sommelier" in USA (New York, Campbell and San Francisco), Croatia (Postira) and UK (London), organized by Olive Oil Times Education Lab.

Lauro is the founder and scientific director of the International Olive Oil Academy based in Italy, and organized by EVO IOOC Italy. Is also instructor in a Sensory Assessment of EVOOs and Blending courses in Italy, Greece, Israel, South America, Turkey.

Antonio Giuseppe is founder (President and Panel Leader) of EVO IOOC Italy International Olive Oil Contest (ex D-IOOC) since the first edition (2016), founder of Panel Prim’Olio, recognized – from 2012 - by the Ministry of Agricultural of Italy and co-founder and Panel Leader of TerraOlivo Jerusalem (Israel) since the first edition (2010 – present).

He is also Panel Leader of NYIOOC - New York World Olive Oil Competition (2014 - present), OLIVINUS Mendoza - Argentina (2013 - present), Judge and Panel Leader in JOOP International Olive Oil Prize - Tokyo (2018 - present), Panel Leader in Anatolian IOOC (Turkey) since the first edition (2021) and Panel Leader of COOC (Cretian Olive Oil Competition 2016 - 2019).

Lauro was judge in Athena IOOC – Greece (2016, 2017, 2018), in OLIVE JAPAN – Tokyo (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), Panel Leader of  SA Olive Award (South Africa, 2016), Juror of Premio Il Magnifico – Italy (2019), 2012 Extrascape (Italy), Panel Leader of the national competition Sirena d'Oro di Sorrento (2017), Prize L'Ampolla d'Oro (2022) and Judge of Concorso Nazionale Ercole Olivario (2005 & 2013).

He is member of the jury of many regional events, and a frequent panel Leader and member of EVOO competitions since 1995.


Antonio G. Lauro is the author of numerous thematic publications and has collaborated, since 1995, with many specialized magazines as a free lance and, since 2008, has directed Antonio Lauro, the Blog, a well-known blog dedicated to the world of extra virgin olive oil.